Communication Letter 2024-5

1.        IISHF U19 European Championships 2024 cancelled

At the IISHF Working Meeting in Zürich, Switzerland on 24.02.2024 it was decided to give Austria and Denmark a final deadline of 15.03.2024 to make a final decision if they would take part in the planned IISHF U19 European Championships on 13-15.09.2024 in Lugano (Switzerland). The two countries were also offered the additional option to take part as a joint national team including the use of overaged players.

Austria and Denmark have now officially declined their participation by 15.03.2024 and for that reason the IISHF Presidium has now decided to finally cancel the IISHF U19 European Championships 2024 since the minimum requirement of 4 national teams taking part has not been met.

It is a sad decision for IISHF, and we regret that Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland will not play in the IISHF U19 European Championships this year.

The IISHF U19 European Championships will not be restarted before there is a commitment from a minimum of 4 countries to take part and hosting this Title Event.


2.  IISHF Working Group on IISHF Title Events

IISHF will now as it was agreed at the IISHF Working Meeting in Zürich on 24.02.2024 establish a working group for making solutions for the future for hosting IISHF Title Events for National Teams.

All interested NMA’s should please provide a nominated person to take part in this Working Group.

Deadline for registration for the working group will be on 7.04.2024 delivered to


3.        Minutes of Annual General Meeting and Working Meeting 2024

As attachment you will get the following documents (Only to be sent to National Member Associations):

·           Minutes of the IISHF Working Meeting (WM) 2024

·           Minutes of the IISHF Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024

Please take note that according to article 11.17 IISHF Constitution any objections to the minutes must be send in writing to the IISHF within two weeks of receipt.


4.        Reports and Presentations from the Meeting

As attachment you will get the following reports and presentations which you have not received with previous IISHF Communication Letters. These are from the IISHF Technical Committee with their presentation at the Working Meeting on 24.02.2024 at the IISHF AGM 2024 in Zürich about report and rules of the game 2024/2025 and in addition, the IISHF Communication Results Report 2024 also presented at the Working Meeting on 24.02.2024 at the IISHF AGM 2024 in Zürich:

·         IISHF Technical Committee AGM 2024

·         IISHF Communication Results Report 2024


5.  New IISHF Documents 2024

As attachment you will get the official version of the following IISHF documents which are ready:

·         IISHF Regulations 2024 (with only one change in § 18.6 number of players)

·         IISHF Rules of the Game 2024


6.        Members of IISHF Rules Committee 2024

The Rules Committee develops and proposes changes to the IISHF Rule Book, publishes interpretations of rules and approves equipment and modifications thereof.

It comprises 1 delegate from each IISHF member country appointed by the National Member Association. The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected for 2 years by the Council of Members at the Annual General Meeting. Please review article 16 of the IISHF Constitution for further information.

The current members of the IISHF Rules Committee as presented at the AGM 2024 on 24/25.02.2024 are as follows:


Tamas Vaczi



Claes Fréder


Member + Vice Chairman

Will Osborne

Great Britain


Stefan Gehrig


Member + Chairman

Arvind Dhillon



Marco Eicher



Vladyslav Melnychuk



Stefan Gehrig (Germany) as Chairman and Claes Fréder (Denmark) as Vice-Chairman were both elected in 2023 for the 2-year period 2023-2025.

The listing of members is also available on

Authored By: Erik Sommer
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