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Mendener Mambas Lift the cup at IISHF Women European Cup 2023

IISHF Women European Cup Results

IISHF Women European Cup 2023. 

With 8 incredible teams from Austria, Germany and Switzerland we see Mendener Mambas crowned European Champions 2023.  All teams competed at the highest standard with Mendener Mambas eventually shining through to lift the cup after winning the game 4-3.

Second place was taken by SHC Rolling Aventicum

Each player in the event, gave everything and should be proud of what they have achieved. 

To see all fixtures and results click here 


Fair Play Winners :

Bissendorfer Panther - Germany

All Star Team

Best Goalkeeper

No. 1          RABL Jacqueline – Tigers Stegersbach - Austria


Best Outfield players

 No.  90       ARANTXA Luna – Tigers Stegersbach - Austria

 No.  80       BAUMGARTNER Julia – Bockumer Bulldogs - Germany

 No.  11       CHRISTE Emma – SHC Rossemaison – Switzerland

 No.  68       TURBERG Noemie – SHC Rossemaison - Switzerland

Final Rankings

1 Place: Mendener Mambas - Germany
2 Place: SHC Rolling Aventicum - Switzerland
3 Place: Bockumer Bulldogs - Germany
4 Place: ISV Tigers Stegersbach - Austria
5 Place: Bissendorfer Panther - Germany
6 Place: IHC Wolfurt Walkers - Austria
7 Place: SHC Rossemaison - Switzerland
8 Place: Pulheim Vipers - Germany

Game Footage




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