Germany win IISHF Mens European Championship 2023

IISHF Men European Championships 2023. 

Germany take Gold!!

Despite the cold weather and unpredictable conditions both finalists fought hard to get to the finals and both taking a victory over each other in the preliminary rounds. However, Germany took an early and commanding lead winning the first period, and a strong start to the second only to find themselves allowing two Swiss goals late in the second period giving them a glimmer of hope.

Starting the third period Germany had a four goal lead, which was quickly narrowed to three.

Ultimately the power, heart and tenacity of the German side was greater than that of the defiant Team Switzerland, ending the game with a final score 9 - 4

This event also saw Denmark as the most improved team through the tournament, reducing the goal deficit each game but also saw Team GB go home without a win.

Fair Play Winners : Germany and Switzerland : 30 minutes

All Star Team

Team Number Name
Germany 27 Mortiz Otten
Switzerland 83 Alexis Neukoimm
Germany 24 Tim-Niklas Wolff
Switzerland 34 Kellian Schornoz
Germany 30 Maximilian Kreutz

Final Postions

Rank Team
1st Germany
2nd Switzerland
3rd Denmark
4th Great Britain

The international calendar for 2023 has now come to a close and we will see where 2024 can take us, and see who will also lift the cup.

Authored By: Simon Price
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