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Gentofte Select from Denmark won the Nations Cup 2021

Gentofte Select from Denmark won the Nations Cup 2021

Berlin Select from Germany came second in the B-event taking place in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Austrian National Team came in third with a 4:1 victory over the Ukraine National Team in the Bronze Medal Game. 

The Fair Play Cup was won by Berlin Select, Germany (22 penalty minutes on 11 infractions during the 5 games (Ø 4.4 PIM per game).

All Star Team as voted by all team managers:

Best Goalkeeper

No.         1        Christian MØLLER-HANSEN, Gentofte Select (Denmark)

Outfield players

No.         4        David PETERSSON, Gentofte Select (Denmark)
No.       12        Tao FREYER, Berlin Select (Germany)
No.       24        Tobias SCHÖNAUER, Austria National Team (Austria)  
No.       44        Artem HRABOVETSKYI, Ukraine National Team (Ukraine)

Photographer: Sergii Solovei

Best Team Players as determined by every team’s head coach:

No.         7         Nico KIRCHNER, Outfield Player, Berlin Select (Germany) 
No.         1         Christian MØLLER-HANSEN, Goalkeeper, Gentofte Select (Denmark)
No.         1         Timo WALDHERR, Goalkeeper, Austria National Team (Austria) 
No.       44         Artem HRABOVETSKYI, Ukraine National Team (Ukraine)


Player Team Goals Assists Points
1 Oliver SOMMER Gentofte 13 7 20
2 Jesper ANDERSEN-MOELLEGAARD Gentofte 4 8 12
3 Albert PRAEM Gentofte 3 7 10
4 Vincent REBEL Berlin 6 1 7
5 Anders LARSEN Gentofte 5 2 7
6 Thomas SØNDERGAARD Gentofte 5 1 6
7 David PETERSSON  Gentofte 4 1 5
8 Artur KRIUCHONKIN Ukraine 2 3 5
8 Tao FREYER Berlin 2 3 5
8 Nico KIRCHNER Berlin 2 3 5

Final Ranking:

  1.  Place: Gentofte Select (Denmark)
  2.  Place: Berlin Select (Germany)
  3.  Place: Austria National Team (Austria)
  4.  Place: Ukraine National Team (Ukraine)             

Ranking Group Stage:

  1.  Place: Gentofte Select (Denmark)
  2.  Place: Ukraine National Team (Ukraine)             
  3.  Place: Berlin Select (Germany)
  4.  Place: Austria National Team (Austria)

Further information on the Nations Cup 2021 including detailed player and team statistics can be found here:

This short video contains impressions of this historic event.

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