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IISHF Communication Letter 2021-19

IISHF Communication Letter 2021-19

1. Usage of IISHF web- and tournament resources for Non Title B-events

The IISHF is keen to foster the organization and conduct of as many Non Title B-Events as possible. To support the hosts and to help creating visibility for all participating teams the IISHF Presidium decided to provide as a service to the hosts the usage of the IISHF website in the section “Other Tournaments” and its underlying tournament management platform

This will allow the hosts to use the same resources and tools as IISHF uses for its Title A-events. This includes the provision of “live” information about games, players and tournament statistics during the event both on the IISHF website and a team app, integrations of live-stream, help with tournament rules, etc. The hosts and teams will also be able to display relevant information about themselves, including their sponsors on their respective subpages. The IISHF Presidium believes that this will save much time, efforts and costs for all hosts and significantly support the hosts in their organizational and communicational efforts. 

This service will be gradually developed and offered. As a start the IISHF Presidium decided to allow the upcoming B-events in Ukraine in November 2021 the usage of its digital resources. For these two events separate tournament website subpages will be created on, one for the Nations Cup and one for the U16 Friendly Games. In addition, the IISHF tournament management systems will be used that includes live information in an app for all teams, supporters and fans. 

Any club which may want to retain such IISHF services in the future for a fee rather than producing/developing an own website and tournament management tools, please contact the IISHF at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with your National Member Association (NMA). 

2. IISHF Title Events 2022 under consideration

The following IISHF Title Events have been cancelled in 2021 due to corona: 

  • Men European Cup (hosted by SHC Rossemaison - Switzerland) 
  • Men Challenge Cup (hosted by Rockets Essen – Germany) 
  • U19 European Cup (hosted by SHC Rossemaison - Switzerland) 
  • Men European Championships (hosted by German NMA) 
  • U19 European Championships (hosted by British NMA) 

It has been offered and verbally agreed by the appointed hosting clubs / NMAs to take over the hosting again in 2022. But if a host shall not provide the formal IISHF application form until 15.10.2021, then the relevant title event will be open for hosting for any other club / NMA. 

3. IISHF Title Events Applications for remaining IISHF Title Events 2022

For the following IISHF Title Events 2022 no formal IISHF application form has been received and due to our best knowledge there are no potential hosting clubs / candidates yet so they are still open for 2022: 

  • Women European Cup 2022 
  • Veterans European Cup 2022 

Thus we hereby officially announce that according to point 12.1 IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium has imposed the following official deadline for all NMAs to inform all their clubs: 

  • information about above both open Title Events 2022 
  • to inform their clubs about the deadline 31.10.2021 for applications of the above two open Title Events 2022 
  • to inform their clubs that without applications until 31.10.2021 the both above Title Events 2022 might not take place. 

The IISHF National Member Associations are also requested (as official deadline according to point 12.1 IISHF Constitution) to provide the IISHF Presidium until 11.10.2021 a copy of their website publication (or other way of information accordingly sent to the clubs). 

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer (President)

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