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Revised Time Schedule for the IISHF Women European Cup 2021

IISHF Communication Letter 2021-17

1. Revised Time Schedule for the IISHF Women European Cup 2021

Attached please find revised/modified version of the Time Schedule for the IISHF Women European  Cup taking place in Berlin, Germany on 13-15.08.2021.

It's game 22 and 24 that has been corrected/modified so 1F is participating rather than 3F. Group F are for the teams that finished last
in their first group and here will 2F and 3F of course play for 8/9 place and 1F play for 5/6/7th place. We have attached two versions of the revised/modified version of the Time Schedule. It’s one version with yellow markings of the changes made and one version with modifications without
yellow markings.
The revised version has also been published on the tournament pages of the Women EC on the new IISHF website

2. Live streaming from the IISHF Veterans European Cup 2021

The hosting club SHC Rossemaison has announced that there will be live streaming services from the IISHF Veterans European Cup taking place on 20-22.08.2021 in Rossemaison, Switzerland with games to be played Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The service is provided by Mustang TV. The videos will published on Facebook on the Mustang TV page. 
IISHF will ensure that the embedding code for this live stream will be available so that all interested may watch the games on the Tournament pages of the new IISHF website.

3. New IISHF website has been released

As of 03.08.2021 the new version of the IISHF website has been released.

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