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IISHF Communication Letter 2020-23

1. Women European Cup 2021

The IISHF Presidium hereby confirms that Spreewölfe Berlin will host the Women European Cup 2021. The event will take place on 25-27.06.2021 in

Berlin, Germany as sanctioned by the IISHF Presidium. Since the IISHF Women European Cup did not take place in 2020 then the selection of the teams will be done according to the IISHF Regulations

§18 where the NMA's first will have to report teams either from their domestic Women championship in 2020 or 2019 if no domestic championship will be hold this year due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Deadline for the team report is 15.12.2020.

2. IISHF Marketing & Branding proposal

 Tender CallIn the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-05 published on 26.02.2020 a proposal for IISHF Marketing and Branding activities was delivered from Advising International (Denmark) which was first presented to the IISHF Presidium at the IISHF Working Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in January 2020. The proposal was then presented to the NMA's at the AGM on 29.02 - 01.03.2020 in Moscow, Russia.

Advising International has now updated their offer which follow as attachment. Please note that the attached documents for point 2: "Marketing and Branding proposal" are only delivered directly to the NMA's (including delegates) and are not available as attachments on or delivered to all receivers of this IISHF Communication Letter:

- Marketing IISHF September 2020 (19 pages).- Skaterhockey - IISHF v6 (5 pages).

The offer from Advising International is valid until 1.04.2021 so that it can implemented in the budget year 2021 if approved by the NMA's at the AGM 2021. In order to have a fair and open process the IISHF Presidium has decided to open up a Tender Call for everyone to deliver their similar or alternative proposal latest by 31.12.2020 to be considered by IISHF. The estimated maximum at this time would be an expected annual investment of 10-15.000 Euro including taxes but the amount will of course depend on the willingness of the NMA to invest in marketing & branding of IISHF.

Financing for IISHF Marketing and Branding activities is intended to be covered in practice by the proposal made for the new §8.5 in the IISHF Regulations which was approved by the NMA's with effect in the IISHF Regulations version 2020 with the wording that "The Annual General Meeting can decide and fix a contribution payment to be done by the National Member Associations".

The actual wording in the IISHF Regulations §8.5 is the following:The Annual General Meeting can decide by a majority of at least two thirds (2/3) and fix a contribution payment to be done by the National Member Associations. Such a contribution must be dedicated to a specific project and must not be spent in any other way. The distribution of the contribution shall be fixed according to the current voting rights of the Council of Members at the time of the relevant Annual General Meeting.

3. IISHF Women Ambassador

AppointedThe IISHF Presidium is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronja Dam (Denmark) as the IISHF Women Ambassador as of 01.01.2021 to help the IISHF Presidium fostering female engagement in our sport. It's a great opportunity to promote the sport and the first chance for international competition would then be the upcoming IISHF Women European Cup 2021 taking place in Berlin, Germany. Ronja has played in the past as skaterhockey goalie and been chairman for Rødovre Red Devils and part of the Danish Skaterhockey Board taking part as IISHF Delegate at AGM and acted as Event Director for a number of IISHF Title Events.

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