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IISHF Communication Letter 2020-20

1. IISHF U19 European Championships 2021

The IISHF Presidium is very pleased to annonce that BISHA will host the U19 European Championships 2021. The event will take place on 01-03.10.2021 in Bordon (Great Britian) as sanctioned by the IISHF Presidium. It's a 2 day event (Saturday + Sunday) with Managers Meeting and Opening Ceremony on Friday Evening. Friday games will be played if teams are willing to do so.

2. IISHF ITC ManagerThe IISHF Presidium has appointed Simon Price from Great Britain as the new IISHF ITC Manager.

3. IISHF THF Managers

The IISHF Presidium has appointed Lorin Chevre from Switzerland and Oleksandr Govorun from Ukraine as the new IISHF THF Managers.

4. Clarification of usage of players for the IISHF European Cups 2021

Please note that any player from a team that have qualified for the IISHF European Cups 2021 have to have a valid license for that specific team in the season 2021. Players that were part of the team when they qualified but no longer have a valid license for the team in the season 2021 can not participate.

5. Rhein-Main Patriots from Germany won the Hockeyshop Forster Cup 2020

The first IISHF Event this year was the Hockeyshop Forser Cup 2020 an IISHF Men B-Event (Non Title Event) which took place on 23.08.2020 in Niddatal-Assenheim, Germany. The event with participation of 6 teams from Germany and the Netherlands was won by Rhein-Main Patriots (1st team) from Germany. Rhein-Main Patriots is playing in the second league (2. Bundesliga Süd) in the German National League.

6. IISHF Title Event Confirmation SheetAttached please find the IISHF Title Event Confirmation Sheet to be used when the National Member Associations (NMA's) have to deliver the team information for the IISHF Title Events 2021 as of 15.12.2020.

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