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Communication Letter 2022-03

Communication Letter 2022-03

This CL contains important information about the IISHF Annual General Meeting 2022 which is being held online on 26.-27.02.2022. It also shares various IISHF reports and a presentation to be discussed at the AGM.

1.        Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022 and Working Meeting (WM) 2022

According to §11.14 IISHF Constitution the Agenda of Working Meeting (WM) and Annual General Meeting (AGM) as well as Presidium written report and Accounts shall be delivered not later than two weeks prior to the AGM. Attached please find the agenda for the WM taking place on Saturday 26 February 2022 and the agenda for AGM taking place on Sunday 27 February 2022.

 Due to the current Corona COVID-19 pandemic the AGM 2022 and the WM 2022 will again be done as a ZOOM video meeting (links will be delivered to the NMA’s when they have informed us about their participation as described below).

According to §10.2 IISHF Constitution each National Member Association (NMA) is entitled to participate maximum with 2 persons (delegates) at General Meetings. According to §6.1 IISHF Constitution the rights to take part on General Meetings and to vote on General Meetings are only given when a NMA has paid the annual membership fees for that year.

Each NMA has to send information

  • of full name of the delegates attending including their e-mail address and mobile phone
  • which delegate will have the vote

Information has to be delivered to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.latest by Wednesday 23 February 2022.

2.        IISHF Reports 2020/2021

Please find attached the following documents:

  • IISHF Appeals Committee Report 2021
  • IISHF Disciplinary Committee Report 2021
  • IISHF Presidium Report 2021
  • WADA presentation for the AGM
  • IISHF Financial Report 2021 (only delivered to NMA’s official contact)
  • IISHF Budget 2022 (only delivered to NMA’s official contact)

Please study the WADA presentation in detail and discuss it internally in your NMA so you are ready for a discussion at the AGM.

Please note that the documents for point 2: "IISHF Financial Report 2021 and IISHF Budget 2022" are only delivered directly to the NMA’s (including official contact persons) and are not available as attachments on or delivered to all receivers of this IISHF Communication Letter.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer (President)

Communication Letter 2022-03
IISHF Report 2021 Presidium
Agenda WM 2022
Agenda AGM 2022
IISHF AGM 2022 WADA Signing Presentation
IISHF Disciplinary Committee Report
IISHF Appeals Commitee Report

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