Communication Letter 2023-21

1. Motions to change IISHF Regulations 2024.

At the last AGM 2023 in Tel Aviv , Israel it was unanimously decided that in order to save important time on the Working Meeting / Annual General Meeting further proposals to change IISHF Regulations should be handled in the same way as currently managed and fixed for changes of IISHF Rules Book. This means that any proposals for IISHF Regulations should be discussed by a working group by E Mail and/or by Online Meetings before an AGM.

The decision made at the AGM 2023 was the following (reference point 14 “Motions to change the Regulations):

  • For possible changes 2024 (and later for 2025) implementation of a working group to deal and discuss all proposals before an AGM with all NGBs by email
  • For 2026 relevant modification of IISHF Constitution to implement this new procedure.

§11.7 IISHF Constitution is of course still valid until decided otherwise which means that despite the approach of the above the IISHF Regulations any single NMA proposals can still be sent 8 weeks prior to the AGM.

The expected outcome should as discussed at the AGM 2024 in the future be that any proposals for change of the IISHF Regulations will not be discussed any more in detail at the WM and only be put on vote at the AGM.

As fixed in the IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium can always appoint, manage and dismiss Working Groups at any time.

Thus in case that you want to submit proposals for changes to IISHF Regulations 2024, we as IISHF Presidion request the NMA’s please to send them already until 30 11.2023 to IISHF (

In addition each NMA should then also propose members to represent them in an IISHF Working Group on possible changes to the IISHF Regulations until 15.11.2023 to IISHF ( Just for clarification it ’s the IISHF Presidium that will finally decide who will chair and participate in the
IISHF Working Group on possible changes of the IISHF Regulations.

Authored By: Erik Sommer
Motion to Change AGM 2024 AGM