Comminication Letter 2024-08

1. IISHF Working Group on IISHF Title Events – now established.

IISHF will as published in the IISHF Communication Letter 2024-05 on 17.03.2024 based on the decision made at the IISHF Working Meeting in Zürich on 24.02.2024 establish a working group for making solutions for the future for hosting IISHF Title Events for National Teams.


The working group has now been established with participation from all the 5 countries that took part in the discussion at IISHF AGM 2024.

  • Austria: Dominik Prükler with Rastislav Krajcik as backup.
  • Denmark: Brian Holse and Jan Carstens.
  • Germany: Stefan Gehrig and Christian Keller.
  • Great Britain: Steven Dickinson
  • Switzerland: Marco Eicher and Daniel Bietry.

Leader of the working group: Marco Eicher (Switzerland).

The IISHF Presidium has decided that Marco Eicher from Switzerland will take the lead of this Working Group to push forward independently from the IISHF Presidium. Independently means, that the main work should be done over the desks of the participating NMA with informing the IISHF Presidium about the state of the work.


Marco Eicher will start the working group in short time. The meetings will take place as online meetings. 


Authored By: Erik Sommer