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1. Number of teams to be reported to IISHF

We kindly ask all National Member Associations (NMAs) to send us in reference to article 11.11 and 11.12 IISHF Constitution until 15 January 2014 to IISHF headquarters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
- How many inline skater hockey teams shall be registered in that country for the current year
- A detailed team list for all age groups with the name of all registered clubs and teams for the current year.

1. IISHF Title Events 2014

With the IISHF Communication Letter 2013-20 we already announced the hosting of the Men European Championships 2014 in Kaarst (Germany).

1. Deadline for team information - Title Events 2014

Each National Member Association must inform the IISHF latest on the 15th of December each year of the Team names, contact person, full team list and contact address (e-mail) of the National Champion and National Vice Champion and any Host with Wild Card Teams for U19, U16 and U13 for that year.

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