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 IISHF Communication Letter 2021-24

With this CL the IISHF confirms all participating teams to the 8 Title Events 2022.  It also mandates all NMA to inform IISHF until 13.01.2022 which teams under their jurisdiction are willing to play Friday games at the IISHF Title Events 2022.

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 IISHF Communication Letter 2021-23

This CL clarifies the deadline for the latest confirmation of teams participating in the 2022 Women European Cup and contains a reminder on the deadlines for team confirmation for the other 7 IISHF Title Events in 2022.

 IISHF Communication Letter 2021-21

This CL contains a final call for the submission of an hosting application for the 2022 Women European Cup and the 2022 Veterans European Cup as well as several NMA feedback deadlines on a) the AGM 2022, b) 2021 national championship placements, c) participation of club and national teams in the European Cups and European Championships 2022.

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IISHF Communication Letter 2021-20

This CL contains information on the dates of 5 European Title Events in 2022. Two events were previously scheduled, for the Women European Cup and the Veterans European Cup hosting applications have not yet been received. 

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IISHF Communication Letter 2021-19

1. Usage of IISHF web- and tournament resources for Non Title B-events

The IISHF is keen to foster the organization and conduct of as many Non Title B-Events as possible. To support the hosts and to help creating visibility for all participating teams the IISHF Presidium decided to provide as a service to the hosts the usage of the IISHF website in the section “Other Tournaments” and its underlying tournament management platform

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