• This CL informs about changes in the team selection for the two 2022 Men Cups, a change in penalty minutes applied at all 2022 Title Events, a proposal for Hosts relating to the usage of new IISHF web- and tournament tools. IISHF also invites all participating teams and NMAs to provide feedback on different time schedules prepared for the Cups.

  • The 5th CL in 2022 is out containing important information on the IISHF Annual General Meeting held 26.-27.02.2022 as well as the 8 Title Events in 2022!

  • The 6th CL of 2022 contains the Tournament Rules, Time Schedules and more important information for all six IISHF European Cups 2022. A first draft of IISHF Sponsorship & Advertising Regulations is published for all NMA to provide feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 31.05.2022.

  • CL 2022-10 informs about a call for a replacement team to the U19 European Cup, the list of participants of the Men European Championships and sets a deadline for all member federations to nominate two official approvers of the International Team Certificates to the IISHF.

  • CL 2022-11 informs about a the replacement team and the updated time schedule to the U19 European Cup.

  • Rossemaison from Switzerland came second, and Bissendorfer Panther from Germany came third in this title event that took place in RossemaisonSwitzerland on July 1-3.

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