On line coverage of the Title events

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On line coverage of the Title events

Postby Naor » Sat May 15, 2010 8:44 pm

first of all i want to say that from my personal experience (both last year in Kaarst and hearing from our peoples that went to Porrentury) you're doing wonderful job.

I do have one suggestion re. the live coverage of the event.
I think it would be very beneficial to have some kind of live real time updates of the games as well as decent live streaming - for both the families and other players not going to the event and for general marketing purposes.

1. re. real time updates- i would suggest to add another twitter feed to the official IISHF one- which will be dedicated to real time updates of the progress of the games - i've created one for our local audience in hebrew, but i think that an english one should be for the benefit of all (not to mention it'll help the online presence and raising the awareness for this sport)

2. Instead of investing in streaming facilities (which are expensive and problematic to maintain by each host) I would suggest to create a Justin.tv ,Ustream or LiveU channel that will broadcast and record the events - that's free and the burden of streaming is largely relived since these services handle that side. with a simple mac/pc and a decent camera with even cellular 3G modem many people will be able to watch the games

hope that it's making some sense, and i'll be happy to discuss it more.

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On line coverage of the Title Events

Postby Erik Sommer » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:25 pm

Hi Naor,

Thank you very much for your very constructive input.

We are of course always looking for ways to improve our online coverage from our Title Events. At the moment we use our Live Ticker to provide the results and as you indicate our service can be improved.

We will consider what we can do improve our service in the future.

Regarding your point 1+2) Please contact us with more information - could be sent to sommer.erik@gmail.com
Erik Sommer
IISHF President
International Inline-Skaterhockey Federation
Erik Sommer
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