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IISHF game officials implementing this Officiating Standard in IISHF Championships and competitions help the IISHF to bring the game of Skaterhockey to a level where the skills of the players determine the winner and create a high level of performance on the pitch for the spectators and the promotion of our sport. The IISHF goal is to strive for consistent implementation of the rules within the IISHF Rule Book in order to eliminate restraining fouls such as hooking, holding and interference plus dangerous types of actions such as checking to the head and neck area, checking from behind and low hits such as kneeing or tripping. The rules that are applied to the game are intended to create a safe environment where players effectively can use their skills and enjoy the freedom to compete based on the principle of ?Fair Play & Respect?.

The main principles of penalty assessment are:

Obvious: It is clear that the infraction has been committed.
Benefit: One Team benefits from the infraction.
Injury: An Injury results or could result from the infraction Hooking.

Attached please find the IISHF Rules Bulletin 01-2011.

 By Sommer Erik

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