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Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Working Meeting (WM), Reports 2010, Proposal and Drafts 2011, Payment for accommodation at the AGM 2011
1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Working Meeting (WM)
As already announced the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2011 and the Working Meeting (WM) 2011 shall be held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on February 26th and 27th. As attachment you will get the agenda for the AGM 2011 and for the WM 2011. Please note the topics to be discussed at the working meeting under the point - Any other Business. We hope that we can have an open and constructive discussion.

2. Reports 2010
Attached please find the following documents.
IISHF Presidium Report 2010
IISHF Financial Report 2010 (only delivered to the NMA's)
IISHF Disciplinary Committee Report 2010
Budget 2011 (only delivered to the NMA's)
The IISHF Appeals Committee Report 2010 will be provided later.

3. Proposal and Drafts 2011
As attachment you will get the proposals and drafts for following documents:
Regulations 2011 (incl. separate document with comments)
Rules Of The Game 2011 (including version with comments)
Please note that following colours have been used to mark the modifications for better understanding. Green Colour for "New Proposal"
Red Colour for "To be deleted"
Attached please also find two country proposals received from Denmark (DRsU) for change of IISHF Rules of the Game.

4. Accommodation at the AGM 2011
We had often problems when people (NGBs) changed accommodation details some days before the AGM?s and we had to send additional/modified invoices. Therefore it was agreed with Paul Crauwels as the host for the AGM 2011 in Amsterdam, Netherlands that each NGB pays their accommodation directly in Amsterdam. As consequence this year we did not invoice any NGB for accommodation. Please be aware of this when you travel to the upcoming AGM.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer
Jean-Daniel Muller
Ingo Goerke

 By Sommer Erik

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 Agenda_WM_2011 79 kb
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 IISHF_20110109_Rules_of_the_Game_2011_Draft 1753 kb
 iishf_20110207_rules_of_the_game_2011_draft 1827 kb
 IISHF_Communication_05_2011 116 kb
 Regulations_2011_Draft_13_02_2011_final 431 kb
 Regulations_2011_Explanation_of_Proposals 306 kb
 Report_Presidium_2010 68 kb
 Rules-of-the-game-Denmark-5.11.1-and-5.16.3-final 128 kb
 Rules-of-the-game-Denmark-8.28.7-8.28.8 138 kb

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