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IISHF Financial Report 2020 and proposed IISHF Budget(s) 2021, COVID-19 Prevention Rule - measures suggested by ISHA Austria, Introduction of possible Masters Title Event & Masters Age Group, COVID 19 NMA Overview, IISHF Vision, Mission, Values, IISHF Goa
1. IISHF Financial Report 2020 and proposed IISHF Budgets 2021
Attached please find:
- IISHF Financial Report 2020 including details of Financial Report 2020.
- IISHF Budget(s) 2021 with various versions.
Please note that the documents for point 1: "IISHF Financial Report 2020 and proposed IISHF Budgets 2021" are only delivered directly to the NMA's (including delegates) and are not available as attachments on www.iishf.com or delivered to all receivers of this IISHF Communication Letter.

2. COVID-19 Prevention Rule - measures suggested by ISHA Austria
The ISHA President Michael Leitl has on behalf of the Austrian Federation approached IISHF in order to share Austrians rule about COVID-19 prevention (please find attachment). The IISHF Presidium has asked the IISHF Technical Committee to consider the possible implementation of this for IISHF International Events.

The IISHF Technical Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman have made the decision to not elaborate with the Technical Committee on changes to the IISHF Rule Book. It is being argued that COVID 19 restrictions are differing from country to country and any safety measures are of temporary nature. Amending the Rule Book would create an additional layer of lasting requirements that may or may not be needed in all jurisdictions. In addition, new rules should only be implemented in even years, e.g. next time in 2022.

In short, COVID measures for the 2021 season are a matter for the IISHF Tournament Rules issued by the IISHF Presidium upon collaboration with the Title Event Hosts.

3. Introduction of possible Masters Title Event & Masters Age Group
The IISHF Presidium has asked the IISHF Technical Committee to consider the introduction of a possible Masters Age Group for players 45+ years of age as a supplement to the existing Veterans Age Group for players 35+ years of age. Changes of the Official Rule Book will be possible at the AGM 2022 since major changes are implemented every two years. If the new age group will be introduced, then an IISHF Masters Title Events will be suggested for implementation in the IISHF Regulations for update at the AGM 2022.

4. COVID 19 NMA Overview
Upon request the IISHF Presidium collected from all NMA in recent days information regarding their national status on COVID 19 and its consequences for the conduct of skater hockey trainings and competitions domestically. Please find the overview attached to this report.

5. IISHF Vision, Mission, Values
At the AGM 2020 in Moscow the Council of Members discussed a first draft for a first ever official statement on the IISHF Vision, Mission and Values. It was agreed that all interested parties may provide for comments and recommendations so that the Council of Members may approve a final version at the IISHF AGM 2021. In the Communication Letter 2020-08 the IISHF Presidium officially reached out for comments and recommendations. Please find attached the updated draft version that also shows the proposed changes to the original draft.

6. IISHF Goals
The IISHF Presidium has drafted a set of goals that are to motivate an additional cooperation with/between all NMA and the entire skater hockey community beyond the organization and conduct of IISHF Title Events, which we believe to have been mastering extraordinarily well together. The drafted goals are scheduled for discussion under any other business at the upcoming IISHF Working Meeting 2021. The IISHF Presidium looks forward to elaborating with all NMAs on directions and common grounds for a systemic growth of skater hockey.

7. IISHF U16 European Cup 2021
The German Federation has nominated two additional teams for the IISHF U16 European Cup 2021 which the IISHF Presidium has approved. The IISHF U16 European Cup 2021 taking place May 14-16, 2021 in Kaarst, Germany is now scheduled for 10 teams. The two additional German teams are Mendener Mambas and Deggendorf Pflanz.

8. IISHF Men European Championships 2021
Denmark will participate with their Men National Team at the IISHF Men European Championships 2021 taking place on November 5-7, 2021 in Duisburg, Germany. The event is now scheduled for 7 teams with Austria, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, India, Switzerland and Ukraine. With India taking part in the event it's also called the IISHF Open Men European Championships 2021.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

 By Sommer Erik

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