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Current Status for IISHF Title Events 2021, Number of teams to be reported to IISHF, IISHF U16 European Cup 2021.
1. Current Status for IISHF Title Events 2021
We really hope that all the IISHF Title Events 2021 will take place as planned but due to the very uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic we can currently not provide an official confirmation of hosting these events in 2021.

We are in regular conversation with the hosting clubs and carefully watch the current situation and any development in the IISHF member countries. We will evaluate the situation latest at 31.03.2021 and plan to conduct a video conference with the NMAs of all teams participating at the IISHF Title Events 2021. Please instruct all your teams participating at the IISHF Title Events 2021 not to book any travel and/or accommodation (unless the bookings can be cancelled free of charge) until IISHF has finally confirmed the hosting of the IISHF Title Events 2021.

2. Number of teams to be reported to IISHF.
We kindly remind all National Member Associations (NMAs) that the deadline to send us in reference to article §11.12 and §11.13 IISHF Constitution is until 15.01.2021 to IISHF headquarters (office@iishf.com):

- How many inline skater hockey teams shall be registered in that country for the current year
- A detailed team list for all age groups with the name of all registered clubs and teams for
the current year.

Attached please find the Excel file: "IISHF Annual NMA Reporting" which should be used for the feedback. This template has been developed in accordance with the parameters approved at the IISHF AGM 2020 in Moscow. There are four (4) sheets in the Excel file: Summary, Data, Explanations and Backend. Please read first the sheet "Explanations". The reporting is done by editing the work sheets "Data" and "Summary" and only in the cells that unlocked for editing. Certain tabulations are conducted automatically and the respective cells are, therefore, blocked for manual editing. The sheet "Backend" is not to be used in the reporting as such (it's for internal use).

Next to the mandatory reporting of clubs and teams by 15.01.2021 we would like to kindly ask you to provide the information requested on rinks, players, referees and officials within one month by 09.02.2021. Should you have any questions or face challenges in filling out the form please contact IISHF Vice President, André Poddubny (apoddubny@iishf.com) directly.

3. IISHF U16 European Cup 2021
IISHF has now as published in the IISHF Communication Letter 2020-25 as of 20.12.2020 consulted with the hosting club Crash Eagles Kaarst if the event should take place with just 8 teams. It's however the request from the hosting club that this event should take place with the originally planned 10 teams. IISHF has now contacted BISHA about the 3 teams that they have listed as the first Backup teams if they can they take the 2 vacant places. If any other countries are interested in the two vacant places then please contact IISHF. Deadline for both BISHA and other countries is fixed to 09.02.2021 (1 month deadline). Allocation of any vacant places if not two of the backup teams are willing to take part will be done according to the IISHF Regulations.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

 By Sommer Erik

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