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IISHF Communication & Marketing Officer - appointed, IISHF Development Officer - appointed, IISHF Video Manager - position open, Ukranian Inline Skater Hockey Cup. IISHF B-Event .
1. IISHF Communication & Marketing Officer - appointed
The IISHF Presidium is pleased to announce the appointment of Jay Blackburn as Communications and Marketing Officer as of 1st of July, 2020. Jay has been involved with skater hockey previously but had to take a break whilst in training and now works as a college lecturer on marketing and communications in the UK. He comes with good experience from working with BISHA and the IISHF on campaigns.

2. IISHF Development Officer - appointed
The IISHF Presidium is pleased to announce the appointment of Maciej Postek as Development Officer as of 1st of July, 2020. Maciej has an extensive background in hockey and skater hockey, both as a player and as a coach. He is a true European whose professional and (skater) hockey career has been connected with several countries. Maciej currently works as a project manager in Germany and continues to be the Head Coach of the Austrian Men National Skater Hockey Team.

3. IISHF Video Manager - open position
The IISHF Presidium has decided that to open a position as the IISHF Video Manager. Under the management of the IISHF Communications and Marketing Officer we are looking for support to manage the IISHF Video channels and help grow interest and capacities in existing and new member countries. Attached please find the job description. Deadline for applications is 30th of July, 2020.

4. Ukrainian Inline Skater Hockey Cup. IISHF B-event
Ukrainian Federation of Roller Hockey will host the first Ukrainian Inline Skater Hockey Cup in Kyiv (Ukraine), on 14-15th of November, 2020. It's an IISHF B-Event (Non Title Event) for Men and U16 teams.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

 By Sommer Erik

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