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IISHF Financial Report 2018 and proposed IISHF Budget 2019, IISHF Reports 2018, IISHF Presidium Members 2018-2020, U19 European Championships 2019, U13 European Cup 2019 now with 12 teams, New ITC 2019 version
1. IISHF Financial Report 2018 and proposed IISHF Budget 2019
Attached please find:
- IISHF Financial Report 2018.
- Details of Financial Report 2018.
- IISHF Budget 2019.
Please note that the above documents are only delivered directly to the NMA's and are not available as attachments on www.iishf.com

2. IISHF Reports 2018
Attached please find:
- IISHF Presidium Report 2018

3. IISHF Presidium Members 2018-2020
The IISHF Presidium is not-up for election (2 years period) at the IISHF AGM 2019. The IISHF President Erik Sommer, Vice-President André Poddubny and Finance Director Ingo Goerke were all elected for a 2 year period (2018-2020) at the IISHF AGM 2018 which took place in February 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

4. U19 European Championships 2019
IISHF is very pleased to announce that the U19 European Championships will take place in Krefeld, Germany on October 12-13, 2019 hosted by Crefelder SC. The event will take place with the required minimum 4 participating national teams from Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Attached please find an updated listing of the nominated teams for all IISHF European Championships in 2019.

5. U13 European Cup now with 12 teams
IISHF is very glad to announce that the U13 European Cup on June 21-23, 2019 in Kaarst, Germany will take place with 12 teams rather than the originally 10 teams. The two additional teams will be Wolfurt Walkers from Austria and Crefelder SC from Germany.

In order to have 12 teams participating there will be played games on Friday 21st June, 2019 so we need to know when each team will be ready to play on Friday. Deadline for reply is two weeks from now Tuesday March 5, 2019. Managers Meeting will take place at 12.00 with first game at 1 PM and the Opening Ceremony to take place Friday at 6 PM and 3 games scheduled after the opening ceremony. We know that many teams already plan to arrive on Thursday but if a team is not willing to play games on Friday then this will be respected however we strongly recommend that teams are ready to play games on Friday so we just need to know how early you are ready to play.

Attached please find an updated listing of the nominated teams for all IISHF European Cups in 2019.

6. New ITC 2019 version
Attached please find the revised and new ITC 2019 version as well as an instruction newsletter for the use of the ITC.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

 By Erik Sommer

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