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IISHF Title Events 2018, IISHF Title Event Applications for 2018, Financial Support for hosting of the U19 European Championships 2018, Follow up on the IISHF Meeting at the U19 European Championships 2017.
1. IISHF Title Events 2018
With the IISHF Communication Letter 2017-23 IISHF set an updated deadline of 15 November 2017 to apply for hosting IISHF Title Events in 2018. The IISHF Presidium received two applications for the Men Cup Winners Cup and has checked both applications and has decided that the event will take place in Austria on 11-13 May 2018 hosted by HC Mad Dogs Wiener Neustadt in Ternitz, Austria.

The IISHF Presidum has also now fixed the dates for the U13 European Cup which will take place in Rødovre, Denmark on June 1-3, 2018.

As mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2017-23 Crash Eagles Kaarst from Germany has delivered an application for the U19 European Cup 2018 to take place in Kaarst, Germany on June 8-10, 2017 which the IISHF Presidium has now approved.

The IISHF Presidium is hereby glad to officially announce the following updated listing of IISHF Title Events 2018 which are also published on www.iishf.com

- Men European Cup Winners Cup in Ternitz (Austria) on 11-13 May 2018.
- U13 European Cup in Rødovre (Denmark) on 1-3 June 2018.
- U19 European Cup in Kaarst (Germany) on 8-10 June 2018.
- U16 European Cup in Düsseldorf (Germany) on 15-17 June 2018
- Men European Cup in Rossemaison (Switzerland) on 28 June - 1 July 2018.
- Men European Championships in Rossemaison (Switzerland) on 22-25 November 2018.

2. IISHF Title Event Applications for 2018
For the following IISHF Title Events 2018 no applications have been received so they are still open for 2018:
- Veterans European Cup
- Women European Cup
- U19 European Championships

The IISHF Presidium has fixed a final date of 31.12.2017 to receive application forms for the three above listed open IISHF Title Events 2018. Without application until 31.12.2017 the relevant title event will not take place in 2018.

In regards to this according to point 12.1 IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium has imposed a deadline of 01.12.2017 for all IISHF National Member Associations to inform all their clubs:
- About the three open title events 2018
- About the deadline 31.12.2017 to send an Application Form
- That without application until 31.12.2017 the relevant title event 2018 will not take place

3. Financial Support for hosting of the U19 European Championships 2018
The IISHF Presidium has decided to sponsor the hosting club/hosting NMA of the U19 European Championships with an amount of 3. 000 Euro.

4 Follow up on the IISHF Meeting at the U19 European Championships 2017
IISHF had as mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2017-22 a meeting on Saturday October 21, 2017 in Iserlohn, Germany at the U19 European Championships with the 4 participating countries at the Title Event from Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. In addition Denmark took part in the meeting. All countries except Austria were represented by NMA delegates. The topic for the meeting was the presented plans from Austria about a combined U16/U19 European Championships.

There was a very constructive discussion at the meeting. No general decisions could be made at such a meeting however there was a general interest for the concept based on the delivered input by Germany and Switzerland about a minimum 4 year commitment for at least 4 participating countries to take part and host the Title Events. This concept is to be further considered and discussed among the NMA's and could be used for any combination for European Championships.

5. Changes of IISHF Constitution and IISHF Regulations ?proposals received
We refer to point 7 of the IISHF Communication Letter 2017-22 where we explained that as agreed on the last AGM in future changes for IISHF Constitution and IISHF Regulations should first be discussed by the NMAs by email prior to the AGM. We received from Denmark and Germany several topics and ideas for modifications which you will get as attachment. Please kindly check the proposals and give us a feedback in case that you have any questions or alternative ideas to a topic (e.g. proposal of an alternative deadline). Upon the feedback of the NMAs, the IISHF Presidium will prepare a final proposal to be voted without detailed discussion on the AGM 2018. If you have any comments to the proposed modifications, please send your feedback lately until 31 December 2017 to office@iishf.com.

The proposals from Denmark are about changes in the IISHF Regulations. In regards to the changes of the age rule for the Veterans this has already be decided at the AGM 2017 for implementation at in the IISHF Rule Book 2020 version so the suggested action could for this to be tested in the years to come within the Tournament Rules for the Veterans European Cup. For the Men European Championships Denmark would be willing to accept a long period (September - November both months included) for the even years and a shorter period (September - October both months included) for the odd years. For the very detailed proposals about splitting the Title Events and Non Title Events in two subgroups (A1 and A2 for Title Events and B1 and B2 for Non Title Events) Denmark could suggest that the hosting club for a Non Title Events clearly communicates their expectations to the invited participating teams and for the Title Events Denmark suggest that a system for hosting with lesser cost and perhaps also part of the income could be tested for a selected number of Title Events such as the Men Cup Winners Cup, Women European Cup and the Veterans European Cup where it's general difficult to find hosting clubs.

The proposals from Germany are about changes in both the IISHF Constitution and IISHF Regulations.
The IISHF Presidium has decided to conduct this open process because the various proposal should be discussed in general before included in revised IISHF documents.

According to §11.6 IISHF and §11.7 IISHF Constitution other proposals can of course be submitted on time to IISHF.

6. B-Tournaments 2018 - Utrecht Disaster Men Cup
The first B-Tournament for 2018 has been sanctioned and published on www.iishf.com. Utrecht Disaster from the Netherlands are again hosting the Men B-Tournament "Disaster Cup" in Utrecht on 31 March - 1 April 2018.

All other hosts for B-Tournaments are encouraged to deliver their applications in good time via their NMA to IISHF.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

 By Sommer Erik

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