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IISHF Referees Headset, IISHF Disciplinary Committee, No throat protector is required, India new member, IISHF Livestreaming Offer for 2017
1. IISHF Referees Headset
The IISHF Referee Director Claes Fréder has given the following information about the use of referees headset. The Referee Supervisors will test the use of headsets at the tournaments this year. Both referees in a game will be equipped with a headset. In addition, the Referee Supervisor will also sport a headset.

These important points must be noted:

- dialogue is only possible between the referees on the pitch
- the Supervisor can only listen to the referees
- the Supervisor cannot give instructions to the referees on the pitch
- the use of headsets will be part of the referee assessment to evaluate the referees? ability to observe and communicate

2. IISHF Disciplinary Committee
The IISHF Presidium has nominated Carsten Lykkegaard from Denmark and Carsten Arndt from Germany as new members of the IISHF Disciplinary Committee. The new Chairman of the Committee is Carsten Lykkegaard and the new Vice-Chairman of the Committee is Carsten Arndt. In addition Adrian Martin from Great Britain will replace Liz Jeffries also from Great Britain as member for the committee. The IISHF Disciplinary Committee have 5 members and the last two members are Eli Abramovich from Israel and Stefano Laffranchini from Switzerland.

3. No throat protector is required
According to the IISHF Official Rule Book no throat protector is required. This will be mentioned at the Managers Meeting at the IISHF Title Events in 2017 and this will then overrule the text given about this matter in the point 1.2 in the published IISHF Tournament Rules for this year.

4. India new member
IISHF has accepted India as new member of our Federation. We welcome very much India to the sport of inline-skaterhockey. India has already taken a number of initiatives to promote the sport and they have given the following message of coming events.

We have Talked with the other states in India and we are planning to Organize our 1st Official Championship under the Auspices of International Inline Skater Hockey Federation (IISHF) "All India Open Inline Skater Hockey Championship" next month from 23rd - 25th June ( Itinerary dates) but the Venue is fixed its Indoor stadium Pitch Sector - 10, Chandigarh City Skating Rink (Hometown) and about 8 - 10 States from India confirmed us for the Participation with different Age Group Teams.
For information about activities in India please also study this document www.tribuneindia.com/2010/20101108/dplus.htm

5. IISHF Livestreaming offer for 2017
IISHF has decided to support livestreaming in 2017 from IISHF Title Events done by the hosting clubs or third party with a sponsorship package. Please study the attached document and contact IISHF if you want further information.
We have made our offer for the IISHF Livestreaming Sponsorship in 2017 with 3 different options ranging from 500 to 750 Euro if all games are streamed and partial payment if all games are not streamed. Those conditions are the same for all hosts.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

 By Sommer Erik

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