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After intensive debates in the working meeting on Saturday, the AGM produced some interesting results on Sunday
The Council of Members at the AGM 2005 in Athens
Supplementary to the changes in the Rules of the Game (see seperate news) the Council of Members agreed on the following points.

IISHF Presidium
The current IISHF presidium consisting of the President Mr. Piergiovanni Gionchetta, the Vice President Mrs. Sheila Downes and the Financial Director Mr. Ingo Goerke, will continue its work for 2nd year of Term.

Appeals Committee
The Council of Members elected the members of the Appeals Committe as follows:
Chairman: Mr. Pierre Andre Meyrat (SUI)
Vice Chairman: Mr. Tony Downes (UK)
Member: Mr. Paul Crauwels (NL)
Member: Mr. Stefan Brutt (GER)

Disciplinary Officer
Erik Sommer from Denmark will continue his work as the IISHF Disciplinary Officer.

Ammendments to the Disciplinary Regulations
g) Bench Official on Team Bench or named on ITC who is found to be under 18 years of age.
Fine: 100 Euros

h) More than the permitted amount of Bench Officials on a Team Bench, (any person not kitted up to play will be deemed to be a bench official)
Fine: 100 Euros per additional person

i) Any player or Bench Official found to have consumed alcohol other than at permitted times
Fine: 100 Euros

a) - changed to 500 EUR fine -
b) - changed to 250 EUR fine -
c) - changed to 100 EUR fine -

Non-Participation by a team in an International Title Event unless proven force majeure.

European Cup
a) If a team has cancelled its participation after the 3 week deadline but up to 6 weeks before the event.
Fine: 300 Euros plus a ban from all International events for the remainder of that year.

b) If a team cancels its participation after the above 6 week deadline.
Fine: 500 Euros plus a ban from all International events for the remainder of that year and 1 further year.

European Championships
a) If a Member Country cancels its participation after the 3 week deadline but up to 6 months before the event.
Fine: 4000 Euros

b) If a Member Country cancels after the above 6 month deadline.
Fine: 6000 Euros

Ammendments to the Tournament Regulations

There will no longer be a Tournament Classification "C class" all non-titled events will all be classified as B class.

IISHF Referees
IISHF Referees have been re-graded into A Class Referees and B class Referees. A Class Referees will be trained and examined by the IISHF. B Class Referees may be trained in the member Country by a qualified trainer who has been trained and accepted by the IISHF.
Only A class Referees can work at Title events.
B Class referees will be paid at the local NGB Rate.

European Cup for Men and Women
The current Title holder will be entitled to a place in the following year's European Cup to defend their title.

Class B Events
Country Responsibility
- Each Country must appoint one person to liase with the Host for administration purposes.
- The Country shall be responsible for ensuring that the event complies in every way with the IISHF Guidelines and the sanction documentation.
- Each Country must ensure that all information required is provided by the teams by the deadline given.
- Each Country when receiving invitations from Host Clubs must ensure that the relevant teams receive the invitations without delay.
- Each Country must confirm to the Host Club, an official acceptance of an invitation to play in an event, for each of its teams who are participating.
- Each country must issue an International Playing Permit to all teams participating and must ensure that all players are eligible to play.
- Each Country must ensure that teams travelling to the event are adequately covered by insurance.

Failure to comply will result in fines or disciplinary action by the IISHF.

 By Gehrig Stefan

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