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The AGM 2005 agreed on several changes to the Rules of the Game for the 2005 season
The Council of Members agreed on the following changes to the Rules of the Game.

For all International Games, all Referees must be dressed in the IISHF approved uniform (IISHF approved Black and White Referee shirt and approved long black trousers and when not working must wear the IISHF approved Track Suit) and [...]

The maximum number of Players of a Team that may be kitted up and play in any one Game is 18. Only these 18 Players plus 5 Team Officials may be on the Bench during a Game. (Any person not kitted up to play will be deemed to be a bench official)

For International Class A Matches all Players must also wear identical helmets and identical Trousers / padded Shorts and Socks (exception Goalkeepers).

[...] At a Tournament, Teams will only be kit Checked before their first game of the day.

If a Referee has to blow the whistle to stop the game because of an injury to a player, then the injured player must go to the player?s bench (exception GK at discretion of Referee), he/she cannot remain on the pitch for the re-start of the game.

- bench official deleted -

- bench official deleted -

No Team Official / Bench Official may:
- Use obscene or abusive language or make obscene gestures to any player or Official
- Dispute or resist any decision or instruction given by a Referee or other Official
- Prevent or attempt to prevent a Referee or another Game official from carrying out his/her duties.
- Incite another player to commit an offence
- Commit any other form of action prejudicial to the spirit of good Sportsmanship.

PENALTY: For infringement Minor Penalty shall be awarded against a player of the offending team who was on the Pitch at the time, the Captain shall nominate the player.
In Severe cases: Red / Black Card Penalty on the Bench Official

The changes are instantly valid for all games under IISHF control.

 By Gehrig Stefan

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