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IISHF Reports 2014/2015, Title Events 2015 and Participating Teams - European Cups, Deadline for Teams participating in European Cups 2015, Welcome Letter for AGM 2015 in Hamburg.
1. IISHF Reports 2014/2015
Attached please find the following documents:
- IISHF Report Finances 2014 (only delivered to the NMA's)
- IISHF Budget 2015 (only delivered to the NMA's)
- IISHF Appeals Committee Report 2014

2. Title Events 2015 and Participating Teams - European Cups
Attached please find a listing of the teams who confirmed their participation in the Title Events 2015 - European Cups. For the U19 European Cup we are still searching for a 10th participating team.

3. Deadline for Teams Participating in European Cups 2015
We hereby officially announce that according to point 12.1 IISHF Constitution the IISHF Presidium has imposed an official deadline for all Teams participating in European Cups 2015 to send the following material. Deadline is set to 6 weeks before each event.

a) An actual team photo
b) Victories / successes of the last 10 years for the relevant team (age group) in English language and a short story (history) of the team
c) Players list with names and shirt numbers of all players.
d) Team logo

Deadline has been fixed for the following European Cups so far:
- Until 03.04.2015 for U19 Junior European Cup 2015 in Krefeld (Germany)
- Until 10.04.2015 for Men European Cup 2015 in Givisiez (Switzerland)
- Until 24.04.2015 for U16 Youth European Cup 2015 in Kaarst (Germany)
- Until 01.05.2015 for Cup Winner European Cup 2015 in Essen (Germany)
- Until 03.07.2015 for U13 Pee Wee European Cup 2015 in Delémont (Switzerland)

Complete information has to be sent by e-mail to the hosting club with a copy (!!) to the IISHF President Erik Sommer (esommer@iishf.com) or (sommer.erik@gmail.com). Failure will result to fixed fines (50 EUR per week of delay).

Please also pay attention that each National Member Association has to send not later than two weeks before each European Cup the completed and approved International Team Certificate (ITC) of all its teams to IISHF Vice-President Daniel Taschner (dtaschner@iishf.com).

The Time Schedule and Tournament Rules will be sent out with a following IISHF Communication Letter in timely manner before the event.

4. Welcome Letter for AGM 2015 in Hamburg
Please find attached a welcome letter from the hosting NGB for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Working Meeting (WM) next weekend in Hamburg.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer (President)
Daniel Taschner (Vice President)
Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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