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New President for ISHN (Netherlands), Men Cup Winners Cup 2015 scheduled, Deadline to confirm/cancel participation in Title Events 2015, Junior European Championships 2015
1. New President for ISHN Netherland
Kees Witteman has been appointed as the new president for ISHN (Dutch Inline Skater Hockey Association) replacing Pim Schonk. Thank you to Pim Schonk for his contribution over the years and welcome to Kees Witteman.

2. Men Cup Winners Cup 2015 scheduled
The following Title Event 2015 has now officially been scheduled and sanctioned:
- Men Cup Winners Cup in Essen (Germany) on 13-14 June 2015.

3. Deadline to confirm/cancel participation in Title Events 2015
With effect from 28.01.2015 the official IISHF announcement of the mentioned Title Events 2015 has been done. All the events scheduled are also listed on www.iishf.com. As attachment all NMA?s now receive the IISHF Seeding Ranking List 2015 with update as of today for the Men Cup Winners Cup. In this list all teams (incl. backup teams) are mentioned who are qualified if selected to take part in title events 2015.

Regarding the European Cups (Club Teams) according to article 18.3 Regulations - all teams according to article 18.1 Regulations (National Champion, National Vice Champion (as possible backup), Third Place Team (as possible backup), Fourth Place Team (as possible backup) and any Host with Wild Card) must confirm within three (3) weeks after the European Cup has been announced if they will officially take part. Each confirmation must be given by the relevant National Member Association and is only valid if given (confirmed) by the relevant National Member Association. National Member Associations not giving a reply within this 3-weeks deadline will get a fine for each missing team feedback according to article 3.7 Regulations and the relevant team also lose their right to take part at this European Cup.

The need for feedback also apply for all National Vice Champions 2014, Wild Card Teams, Host Teams and Backup Teams who might qualify for 2015 so please make sure that the final information about the participation 2015 of all your Club Teams as listed in the IISHF Seeding Ranking List will be given at latest within the next three weeks to IISHF (office@iishf.com) with copy to sommer.erik@gmail.com. Deadline for reply is 18 February 2015. In the event of a National Cup Champion declining the place, the place will in the first instance be offered to that National Member Associations Cup Vice Champion if they do not already have a place.

For the Men Cup Winner Cup the National Cup Champion is automatically qualified to participate however except the hosting team and the defending champion no team (including individual players) can participate in both the Men European Cup and the Men Cup Winner Cup. If a NMA does not have a National Cup Championship then it can select teams after their placement in the National Championship.

4. Junior European Championships 2015
We have been approached by the Austrian and the Swiss Federation who have both indicated that they are willing to host the Junior European Championships 2015. We have asked both countries to make an formal application in order for us to sanction this very important Title Event.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)
Daniel Taschner (Vice President)
Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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