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U16 European Cup 2015, U19 European Cup 2015, IISHF Title Events 2015 - Applications requested, Instruction regarding handling ITC's in general, Instruction regarding handling ITC's for Veteran teams, Working Group for the European Cups, Modified IISHF Re
1. U16 European Cup 2015
The IISHF Presidium has now received two applications for the hosting of the U16 European Cup 2015. Crash Eagles Kaarst (Germany) has applied for the dates of 5-7 June 2015 in Kaarst (Germany) and Zoran Falcons (Israel) has applied for the dates of 22-23 May 2015 (Friday+Saturday) or 14-15 May 2015 (Thursday+Friday) in Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh (Israel).

In order for the IISHF Presidium to make a decision about a possible event in Israel the NMA's need to ask their current top teams in the U16 category if they would be willing to go to Israel for the U16 European Cup 2015 if they were qualified. The IISHF Presidium has been in Tel Aviv (Israel) in February 2014 for the AGM with the member countries and can confirm that everything is wonderful there and specially very safe. The host in Israel is offering an outstanding hospitality and will guarantee a wonderful event. The IISHF Presidium set a deadline of 4 weeks for the NMA's to respond. Thus the official deadline shall be Thursday 17 July 2014.

2. U19 European Cup 2015
The IISHF Presidium has received an application from Crefelder SC for hosting the U19 European Cup 2015 in Krefeld (Germany) on either 5-7 June 2015 or 15-17 May 2015. The finale dates for this event will be clarified with the hosting club.

3. IISHF Title Events 2015 - Applications requested
We hereby ask all NMA's who would consider to host any other IISHF Title Events such as European Cups 2015 or European Championships 2015 to provide their official formal applications until 31 August 2014.
The IISHF Presidium will then consider all applications received and decide about all title events 2015 where applications have been received. All remaining open title events 2015 without application until 31 August 2014 will be put out to tender again later this year.

4. Instruction regarding handling ITC's in general
When making an ITC please make sure that on all future ITCs the last name is written in BIG LETTERS (e.g. TASCHNER Daniel) - this is clearly fixed in the ITC instruction. An additional point to this is that the NMAs should please control this and only approve ITCs which are correct (incl. LAST NAME).

5. Instruction regarding ITC's for Veteran teams
According to the IISHF Rules Of The Game "Veterans" is an official age group and thus each team taking part at International Title or Non Title Events must provide an ITC (if this is an international tournament which means if there are more than one foreign team). Veterans is an official age group and thus playing permission (playing passes) and ITCs will fully apply.
The wording in the IISHF Official Rule Book after the AGM 2014 is the following:
Lower Limit: A player who on completion of the current calendar year is 32 years of age or older.

6. Working Group for the European Cups
A working group regarding the European Cups was selected at the AGM 2014. The IISHF Presidum has in accordance with the Working Group selected Tommy Jensen from Denmark as the Chairman of the group. The members of the group are the following: Igor Kolesov (Russia), Eli Abromovich (Israel), Stefan Brütt (Germany), Andreas Freiberger (Austria), Gilles Sansonnens (Switzerland), Dee Dalton (Great Britain) and Tommy Jensen (Denmark).

7. Modified IISHF Regulations
As attachment please find the modified IISHF Regulations as of 10 June 2014. It has been noticed that the wording of § 8.1 IISHF Regulations published after the AGM 2014 was not correct. At the AGM is was agreed to change the wording from "any international event" to "Title events" (as proposed by the Austrians prior to the vote) and this is what was voted on, but the wording in the published IISHF Regulations states:

8.1. Each regular National Member Association must pay an annual membership fee which is based on the number of teams registered in each Country for the current year:
Countries with 9 or less Teams registered: 350 Euros per year
Countries with 10 or more Teams registered: 750 Euros per year
Countries with 50 or more Teams registered: 1.500 Euros per year
Countries with 100 or more Teams registered: 2.500 Euros per year
Temporary Membership fees are 100 Euro (in the first year) and 175 Euro (in the second year) for the time of being a temporary member.
A National Member Association which neither takes part at General Meetings nor takes part with any team at any international event will not have to pay membership for that year.
This has now been modified and fixed to the following which is in accordance with the decision made at the AGM 2014:
A National Member Association which neither takes part at General Meetings nor takes part with any team at any title event will not have to pay membership for that year.

8. Rule Interpretation §8.14.1 of the IISHF Official Rule Book
The IISHF Technical Committee has provided the following Rule Interpretation.

Rule [8.14.1]
An outfield player is only allowed to stop the ball with the hand if the ball is played directly to his own stick blade. An outfield player is not allowed to close his hand on the ball.
A hand gripping a stick shall be deemed part of the stick. [...]

The word "directly" is especially important in this rule. The word implies:
- without anything else being involved or in between
- straight
- in a direct line, way, or manner; straight
- at once; without delay; immediately

The intention of this rule is to allow a player to make a ball playable again by moving it back onto the playingsurface and to his stick. The intention is NOT to allow a player to gain a significant advantage by playing the ball with his hands. For example, moves like - hitting the ball over an opposing player, or against the boards, moving around the opposing player, and then playing the ball again are prohibited by this rule.

The same is true for trying to gain ground by playing the ball with the hands, e.g. directing the ball into an open area on the pitch and chasing after it. "Directly" in this context means without playing the ball with the skates, against the boards or the goal or, of course, to another player from the own team. A referee must use common sense to judge the intention of a player in situations like this because these kind of infringements are most often not black and white.

The interpretation is binding to all referees on all international events. Member countries are strongly advised to implement the rule interpretation accordingly.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)
Daniel Taschner (Vice President)
Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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