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U13 European Cup 2014, Friday games as an option for European Cups with 8 or 10 teams, IISHF Title Events 2014 - applications requested.
1. U13 European Cup 2014
The IISHF Presidium fixed the U13 European Cup 2014 and it will be hosted by the club Langenfeld Devils on 3-4 May 2014 in Langenfeld (Germany). The tournament will take place on a 45 by 27 meter pitch on a plastic floor.

2. Friday games as an option for European Cups with 8 or 10 teams
IISHF use a 3 day format for the Men European Cup with 12 teams and for the Men European Championships. For the European Cups with 8 or 10 teams the Friday is used for any Opening Ceremony and practice session. There could be the possibility to use the Friday for a number of games starting late afternoon or early evening. This will enable teams to play longer games but will require that teams arrive early enough to play games already on Friday and for the hosting club there will be additional payment for ½ day service to the IISHF Officials and the need to provide the hall already on Friday. IISHF would like each NMA's to ask all their clubs taking part at future title events and provide their opinion about this matter latest at December 15, 2013 in order for IISHF to evaluate on the various needs and demands.

3. IISHF Title Events 2014 - applications requested
We have already received some interest from potential hosting candidates for other IISHF Title Events 2014 as listed on www.iishf.com We hereby ask all NMA's for all European Cups 2014 and European Championships 2014 to provide their official formal applications until 31 October 2013.

The IISHF Presidium will then consider all applications received and decide about all title events 2014 where applications have been received. All remaining open title events 2014 without application until 31 October 2013 will be put out to tender in November 2013.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)
Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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