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 Cph. Vikings from Denmark won the first Old Boys European Cup 2013 StumbleUpon Toolbar
Deniz Bank Admiral Red Dragon from Austria came second in Rødovre, Denmark on July 19-21, 2013
Cph. Vikings from Denmark won the first Old Boys European Cup taking place in Rødovre, Denmark on July 19-21, 2013 with 8 participating teams from 4 countries Austria, Denmark, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Final game:
Cph. Vikings from Denmark won 10-4 (5-3, 5-1) over Deniz Bank Admiral Red Dragons from Austria.

All Star Team:
Best Goalkeeper:
No. 30 (Switzerland/Bienne Skater 90) Herve Marmy
Best Outfield players:
No.66 (Austria/Deniz Bank Red Dragons) Peter Kostelecky
No.16 (Austria/Deniz Bank Red Dragons) Robert Dorazil
No.10 (Denmark/Hørsholm Bandits) Sander Studsgaard
No.88 (Denmark/Cph Vikings) Rasmus Nielsen

Fair Play Cup won by Cph. Vikings 2

1. No.88 (Denmark/Cph Vikings) Rasmus Nielsen - 25 points (16 goals, 9 assists)
2. No.16 (Austria/Deniz Bank Red Dragons Altenberg) Robert Dorazil - 19 points (9 goals, 10 assists)
3. No.10 (Denmark/Hørsholm Bandits) Sander Studsgaard - 15 points (11 goals, 4 assists)

Gamesheets from all games:

Results from all games:

Statistics from all games

Instruction for the referees before the tournament as following:
This being our first Old Boys' tournament ever in IISHF history we must start at rule 8.9 and work from there:

Fair Body Contact
Fair body contact (fair check) is that which is delivered with the side or the front of the body, with the arms down, close to the body and both skates on the pitch surface. A fair check can only be made on an opponent who is in possession of the ball, and can only be made to the front or to the side of that opponent.
INFRINGEMENT: Penalties according to rule 8.10.

Fair body contact is not allowed in the age groups U10 and Old Boys.
INFRINGEMENT: Minor Penalty (2 minutes). All other infringements will be penalized according to rule 8.10.

 By Sommer Erik

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