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Revised Tournament Rules for the Men European Cup Winner 2013, New ITC form - to be used, Live streaming from Men European Cup 2013
1. Revised Tournament Rules for the Men European Cup Winner 2013
The Tournament Rules for the Men European Cup Winner taking place on August 31 - September 1, 2013 in Givisiez, Switzerland has been modified due to a request of the hosting club SHC Givisiez (point 4.7 the spectator entry fees has been changed). Attached please find the updated Tournament Rules with date of 25.06.2013.

2. New ITC form - to be used
The ITC form to be used for team participation in all IISHF Tournaments has been modified as mentioned in the recent IISHF Communication Letter 2013-13. The new ITC form is available for download on www.iishf.com as we have a new (modified) version of the ITC. We kindly ask all NMA's to use the new ITC form, please allow some comments regarding the use of the ITC:

I) As indicated the name of the players should please be written in the way "SMITH John" and not "John Smith".

II) The field "F57" must please also be filled out. Here the date should be inserted (as indicated) when the team completed and approved the date.

III) The lines 58 and 59 are only for the NMAs (for example ISHD). In line 58 the NMA person has to be inserted who has received the ITC (here for example Carsten Arndt). In line 59 the NMA person has to be inserted who sent out the ITC to IISHF (here for example also Carsten Arndt). It would be very kind if you please take care of these small recommendation in future - thank you very much in advance.

As mentioned the IISHF Presidium has made the last modifications and revised all details of the new ITC form. We have also revised the Manual Instruction and put it on a separate page of the Excel file so that the clubs/teams/NMA's can better read and follow. The revised ITC 2013 version to be used with immediate effect for all upcoming events.

3. Live Streaming from Men European Cup 2013
There will be live streaming from the upcoming Men European Cup 2013 in Delémont. The service will provided by the Danish company SPSTV www.spstv.dk in kind cooperation with the hosting club SHC Rossemaison. More information about the various product packages offered and the practical details will be provided to the team contact persons for each participating teams.

The live streaming service from SPSTV was provided for 3 IISHF Title Events in 2012 among others the Men European Championships in Givisiez, Switzerland in October 2012. Examples of the recordings from that tournament and others can be watched in the discussion board on www.iishf.com

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)
Jean-Daniel Muller (Vice President)
Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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