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U16 European Cup 2013 in Israel cancelled, Applicants for a new U16 European Cup 2013 requested, Regarding European Old Boys Cup in Denmark, Domestic exceptions to the IISHF Rules of the Game
1. U16 European Cup 2013 in Israel cancelled
The U16 European Cup 2013 was scheduled as announced in the IISHF Communication Letter 2013-01 to take place in Israel on June 15-16, 2013. Unfortunately at the end of the official deadline January 26, 2013 no country besides the hosting country had confirmed their participation. The IISHF Presidium has since then been in contact with those countries who had shown some interest in participating in order to clarify if there was not any possibility of participation however no teams from any other country has made a commitment to participate. Since the current requirement for hosting an IISHF Title Events for club teams is that minimum teams from at least 3 IISHF member countries take part then the IISHF Presidium has decided to cancel the U16 European Cup in Israel.

It's a sad situation when a member country wants to host an IISHF Title Event and then the event has to be cancelled due to lack of participation but IISHF has to accept when the teams from the other NMA's decline to participate due to various reasons.

The Israelian Federation will take part at the upcoming AGM 2013 in Moscow, Russia and we will take the necessary time to discuss the future possibilities for hosting an IISHF Title Event and/or other international skaterhockey activities in Israel.

2. Applicants for a new U16 European Cup 2013 requested
IISHF requests applications for the hosting of a new U16 European Cup in 2013. Deadline for presenting an application is set to February 8, 2013. We urgently ask all NGB's to deliver this request to all their clubs and teams with the remark that without any hosts we can't arrange IISHF Title Events and that otherwise this Title event will not take place in 2013.

3. Regarding European Old Boys Cup 2013 in Denmark
The first ever Old Boys European Cup will be take part in Rødovre, Denmark on 19-21 July 2013. So far Austria (Admiral Red Dragons Altenberg) and Denmark (Cph. Vikings and El Diablo) has confirmed their participation. In addition to that Great Britain and Switzerland has informed that they intend to participate with 2 teams each. There are still one or 2 vacant places in the tournament.

Since it takes some time for the countries to select the specific teams (Great Britain - no championship in that age group yet) or to issue valid licenses for the players (Switzerland has to clarify this matter in their domestic regulations) the IISHF Presidium has decided to extend the nomination of the participating teams. This decision relates to the fact that this IISHF Title Event is a new age category for European Cups and that the NMA's need some time to clarify domestic matters. As there are enough vacancies the IISHF Presidium do not have a problem to extend here the deadline (but without any prejudice for other cases - this means that the NGBs must be aware that this is always a special permission of IISHF).

4. Domestic exceptions to the IISHF Rules of the Game
According to the IISHF Constitution article 7.3 all domestic exceptions to the IISHF Rules of Game must be approved in writing by the Presidium. It's written that: "Each National Member Association must agree to adopt and completely introduce the IISHF Rules of the Game likewise for domestic games. Exceptions are only permitted by written approval of the IISHF Presidium". In order to update the IISHF Archives all countries are hereby asked to send in details all possible exceptions and differences. Deadline for this February 21, 2013.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer (President)
Jean-Daniel Muller (Vice President) Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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