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Number of teams to be reported to IISHF, Title Events 2013 scheduled, Title Events 2013 - Applications requested, Deadline to confirm/cancel participation in Title Events 2013, Change of IISHF Banc Account, Regarding U16 European Cup 2013 in Israel, Regar
1. Number of teams to be reported to IISHF
We kindly ask all National Member Associations (NMAs) to send us in reference to article 11.11 and 11.12 IISHF Constitution until 15 January 2013 to IISHF headquarters (office@iishf.com):
- How many inline skater hockey teams shall be registered in that country for the current year
- A detailed team list for all age groups with the name of all registered clubs and teams for the current year
If no report and/or no detailed team list has been given until 15th January 2013 the relevant number of teams shall be based on the previous year membership.
For the sake of complete information we also refer to article 11.11 ISHF Constitution that each Member Country (NMA) shall be entitled at General Meetings to:
- For Members with 49 teams or less registered 1 Vote
- For Members with 50 to 99 teams registered 2 Votes
- For Members with 100 or more teams registered 3 Votes

2. Title Events 2013 scheduled
The following Title Events 2013 have officially been scheduled and sanctioned:
U13 European Cup in Givisiez (Switzerland) on June 8-9, 2013.
U16 European Cup in Kfar Saba (Israel) on June 15-16, 2013.
European Cup Men in Delémont (Switzerland) on July 5-7, 2013.
European Cup Old Boys in Rødovre (Denmark) on July 19-21, 2013.
Men Cup Winner Cup in Givisiez (Switzerland) on August 31 - September 1, 2013.
Men European Championship in Rødovre (Denmark) on October 25-27, 2013.
Junior European Championship in Düsseldorf (Germany) on November 2-3, 2013.

3. Title Events 2013 - Applications requested
We kindly remind all NMA's that (as mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2012-15). IISHF requests applications for all remaining other Title Events in 2013. Deadline for presenting an application for any of the other events has been extended to 15.01.2013. We urgently ask all NGB?s to deliver this request to all their clubs and teams with the remark that without any hosts we can?t arrange IISHF Title Events and that otherwise these title events will not take place in 2013.

Open IISHF Title Events in 2013:
U19 European Cup
Women European Cup
Women European Championships

Formal applications should be made to IISHF Vice President Jean-Daniel Muller to jdmuller@iishf.com (with copy to office@iishf.com).

4. Deadline to confirm/cancel participation in Title Events 2013
With effect from 05.01.2013 the official IISHF announcement of the mentioned Title Events 2013 has been done. All the scheduled events are also listed on www.iishf.com. As attachment all NMA's now receive the IISHF Seeding Ranking List 2013 with update as of today for all the so far scheduled Title Events 2013. In this list all teams (incl. Backup teams) are mentioned who are qualified to take part in title events 2013.

Regarding the European Cups (Club Teams) according to Point 18.2 IISHF Regulations each National Champion 2012 must take part in the European Cup 2013, unless they officially cancel their participation to the IISHF within three (3) weeks after the European Cup has been announced. The need for feedback also apply for all National Vice Champions 2012, Wild Card Teams, Host Teams and Backup Teams who might qualify for 2013 so please make sure that the final information about the participation 2013 of all your Club Teams as listed in the IISHF Seeding Ranking List will be given at latest within the next three weeks to IISHF (office@iishf.com) with copy to sommer.erik@gmail.com. Deadline for reply is 26 January 2013. In the event of a National Champion declining the place, the place will in the first instance be offered to that National Member Associations Vice Champion if they do not already have a place.

For the Men Invitation Cup the National Cup Champion is automatically qualified to participate however except the hosting team and the defending champion no team can participate in both the Men European Cup and the Men Invitation Cup. If a NMA does not have a National Cup Championship then it can select teams after their placement in the National Championship.

Regarding the European Championships (National Teams) according to Point 18.11 IISHF Regulations each National Member Association must take part with a National Team, unless they officially cancel their participation in writing to the IISHF within three (3) weeks of the official announcement so please make sure that the final information about the participation 2013 of all your National Teams as listed in the IISHF Seeding Ranking List will be given at latest within the next three weeks to IISHF (office@iishf.com). Deadline for reply is 26 January 2013.

5. Change of IISHF Banc Account
Some details of IISHF Banc Account have been changed and we kindly ask you to take care of the following new information:
Owner : Goerke for IISHF
Bank : Santander Bank
IBAN : DE10 5003 3300 2175 8044 02

6. Regarding U16 European Cup 2013 in Israel
Israel has applied to host the U16 European Cup 2013 in Kfar Saba on 15-16 June 2013. No other application for hosting this title event has been made to IISHF within the given deadline. The application from Israel meets the given requirements and this title event has now been sanctioned.

The IISHF Presidium is very well aware that for many teams it might be fairly expensive and somewhat problematic to travel to Israel in order to participate in an IISHF Title Event but Israel is an active member of IISHF and they are entitled like any other member to host IISHF Title Events. IISHF also encourage it?s member countries to take on their responsibility and host events.

The IISHF Presidium is at the same time aware of the current politicial situation in Israel and we can never ensure that nothing extra ordinary might happen during an IISHF Title Events nor in Israel or in any other place now or in June 2013. For your information the current political evaluation of the situation as given for example by the Foreign Commonwealth updated latest 30 November 2012 can be read here: www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/middle-east-north-africa/israel-occupied. Kfar Saba is located North East of Tel-Aviv (maps.google.dk/maps?hl=en&tab=wl).

It's up to each qualified teams including backup teams to make their own decision if they will participate or not. The answer has to be provided to IISHF by the NMA's within the given deadline.
Finally the current requirement for hosting an IISHF Title Events for club teams is that minimum teams from at least 3 IISHF member countries take part. There is for the moment no minimum requirement for the number of teams but typically there should be expected minimum 8 club teams for an European Cup.

7. Regarding Old Boys European Cup 2013 in Denmark
The first ever Old Boys European Cup will be hosted in Rødovre, Denmark on 19-21 July 2013. To our knowledge only Denmark currently has a National Old Boys Championship. The Danish Old Boys Champion in the 2012 season was Copenhagen Vikings who will host the European Cup with El Diablo as the Vice-Champion in Denmark last season.

Each NMA should please select the 2 or 3 best Old Boys club teams in their country if possible and provide IISHF with the team information within the given deadline. All players playing for a club teams have to have a valid license for the specific club and meet the age requirements given in the IISHF Rules of the Game. No combination teams will be allowed to participate in any IISHF Title Event.

Thank you very much for your good cooperation and assistance.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium

Erik Sommer (President)
Jean-Daniel Muller (Vice President) Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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