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EGM 2010 - Agenda, Working Group on Voting System, Working Group on Hosting Title Events, Proposal from Working Group on Rules, Title Events 2011, Title Events 2012, Appeals Committee
Please find attached the IISHF Communication Letter 2010-12 including attachments. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

1. EGM 2010
The EGM will take place Thursday October 28, 2010 at 7 PM at Palomondo, Cadempino in Lugano, Switzerland. A proposal from the working group for Rules has been submitted prior to the Meeting. This will relate to point g "The Business for which the EGM is convened". In regards to point f "Confirmation of the minutes of the previous years General Meetings" the IISHF Presidium hereby ask the NMA's to correct the number of elected members of the IISHF Appeals Committee elected at the AGM 2010 so that it's in accordance to the IISHF Constitution. The EGM 2010 meeting will take place with the Agenda as announced in the IISHF Communication Letter 2010-11.

2. Working Group on Voting System
In the working group no. 1 (Voting System) Liz Jeffries from Great Britain has decided to leave the group and has suggested that Dee Dalton from Great Britain should replace her in the working group. The
IISHF Presidium has approved this and as of October 11, 2010 Dee Dalton is participating in the working group. The EGM shall please decide the future acting of this working group. Attached please find a revised list of members of the 3 current working groups.

3. Working Group on Hosting Title Events
The working group no. 2 (Hosting Title Events - the funding system) will make a presentation of their work at the EGM 2010.

4. Proposal from Working Group on Rules
The Working Group on Rules proposes that the membership countries approve a Rules Committee at the EGM 2010. In attachment see the entire proposal as presented. The NMA's shall please discuss the proposal and decide on the EGM. The first task of the Rules Committee will be to update and implement all changes discussed and agreed upon at the 2010 AGM (see attached file). By some mistake not all changes were implemented in the Rulebook sent out after the AGM (see e.g. Rule 7.9.2).

5. Title Events 2011
The IISHF Presidium has with reference to the announced deadline of September 30, 2010 selected a number of hosts for the Title Events in 2011. There were for several of the events several candidates which is
very positive for the future of international skaterhockey. At the same time it has been demanding task to select the hosts for 2011. Our ambition is to involve new hosts and new hosting countries whenever
possible and at the same time give the opportunity for experienced hosts to do tournaments again.

We are very pleased with the selection for 2011. Among other things we will for the first time since 2002 again have Netherland hosting an international tournament (Junior European Championship). And for the first time will we host two men club title events with both the Men European Cup and the Men European Invitation Cup. As a new hosting club we welcome SHC Givisiez of Switzerland who will actually host two European Cups in June first the Women European Cup and then the Men European Invitation Cup. For the Men European Invitation Cup we will at the upcoming EGM in Lugano discuss the final selection criteria for the teams. Among experienced hosts we will have Gentofte (U16 European Cup), Essen (Men European Cup), Rossemaison (U19 European Cup) and Stegersbach (Men European Championship). We are also very pleased again to host tournaments for women teams. SHC Givisiez of Switzerland has been very kind to offer to host the Women European Cup. This will be for the first time since 2009.

The following Title Events 2011 are now scheduled:
European Championships Men Stegersbach (Austria) 09-11.09.2011
European Championships Women No event in this category in 2011
European Championships Junior Zaandam (Netherland) 01-02.10.2011
European Cup Men Essen (Germany) 08-10.07.2011
European Cup Men Invitation Givisiez (Switzerland) 25-26.06.2011
European Cup Women Givisiez (Switzerland) 04-05.06.2011
European Cup U19 Rossemaison/Delémont (Switzerland) 20-21.08.2011
European Cup U16 Gentofte (Denmark) 07-08.05.2011
European Cup U13 Iserlohn (Germany) 28-29.05.2011

6. Title Events 2012
We have so far received the following applicant. There is still open for applicants for all other events. For the U16 European Cup the final deadline for this tournament for any other applicant is November 30, 2010.

European Cup U16 Givisiez (Switzerland) May-June 2012

7. Appeals Committee
The IISHF Presidium ask the NMA?s at the upcoming EGM 2010 to correct the number of elected members of the IISHF Appeals Committee elected at the AGM 2010 so that it's in accordance to the IISHF Constitution. As mentioned in the IISHF Minutes from the AGM 2010 in Malaga (published with IISHF Communication Letter 2010-07) the following was published regarding the election of the appeals committee (point 18): The new Appeals Committee was then elected for 4 years and consist now of SW (Saskia van de Weijer) from Netherland as chairman and SB, (Stefan Brütt) from Germany as vice-chairman, PC (Paul Crauwels) from Netherland and DD (Dee Dalton) from Great Britain are the two elected other members. PK (Per Kyed) from Denmark was elected as first substitute member. => All agreed (13 votes).

But the IISHF Constitution states the following (§15.1): The Appeals Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and one (1) other person all from different Nations and will be elected by the Council of Members at the AGM. Thus we propose the following composition of the IISHF Appeals
Committe and will ask you for your official approval at the upcoming EGM 2010.

The Appeals Committee
Members of the new Appeals Committee (elected for 4 years at the AGM 2010/EGM 2010):
Saskia van de Weijer, Netherland (Chairman)
Stefan Brütt, Germany (Vice-Chairman)
Dee Dalton, Great Britain (as member)

No other person or replacement is fixed in the IISHF Constitution and thus no additional election is possible.

We are looking forward to see you soon in Lugano.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer
Jean-Daniel Muller
Ingo Goerke

 By Sommer Erik

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