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AGM - Annual General Meeting 2010, Working Group regarding possible one vote voting system, Proposal for changes of IISHF Documents, Title Events 2010, IISHF Working Meeting
Please find attached the IISHF Communication Letter 2009-15. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

1. AGM - Annual General Meeting 2010
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the IISHF will as previously announced take place the weekend of February 20-21, 2010. The IISHF Presidium has decided that the meeting will take place in
Malaga, Spain. The IISHF checked in detail a lot of hotels and decided to hold the meeting in the following hotel:
Hotel Room Mate Larios
C/Marqués de Laríos 2
29005 Malaga (Spain)
Tel.: +34 952 222 200
Fax.: +34 952 222 407
E-mail: malaga.comercial@room-matehotels.com
Website: www.roommatehotels.com/eng/malagahotel/larioshotel/larioshotel.php
The IISHF will take over the expenses for the meeting room and coffee breaks (without lunch). For the accommodation we could negotiate special conditions which are only valid if we confirm the reservation
until 10.01.2010. Room price Euro 100.00(Double Standard) per night including breakfast
buffet, coffee break and WiFi for fee. The price is per room and not per person.
2 persons in Double Room (incl. breakfast) price 50.00 Euro per person.
1 person in Double Room (incl. breakfast) price 100.00 Euro per person.
We hereby ask all the Member countries to give us an answer lately until 10 January 2010 about the final number of delegates (incl. name), rooms needed and exact indication for what days accommodation is required. Please send your reply to office@iishf.com with a copy to sommer.erik@gmail.com

2. Working Group regarding possible one vote voting system
In the IISHF Communication Letter 2009-14 we asked for participants for a working group that should make an input for a time table if and if yes how to implement a equal working system to replace the current voting system (1, 2 or 3 votes depending on the number of teams) which was discussed at the AGM 2009 in Florence, Italy without losing financial payment from the member countries. The working group should then present a report at the next AGM 2010. The following four (4) persons will participate in the working group (the work will be conducted by e-mail) Liz Jeffries from Great Britain, Evgeni Mogilevski from Israel, Saskia van de Weijer from Netherland and Tamara Buetikofer from Switzerland. The IISHF Presidium will start the work of the group.

3. Proposals for changes of IISHF Documents
The IISHF Presidium would like to send all the NMAs the proposals of changes of IISHF Documents in adequate time before the AGM that the NMAs have some time for dealing with the suggested changes. All Proposals for Changes to the Constitution at General Meetings shall be submitted in writing to the Presidium no later than three(3)weeks prior to the meeting. The Presidium shall then circulate all proposals to the members no later than two (2) weeks prior to the meeting. These proposals cannot be altered at a General Meeting but must be voted upon without change unless withdrawn by the applicant. All Proposals for Changes to the Regulations and the Rules of the Game at General Meetings shall be submitted in writing to the Presidium no later than three (3) weeks prior to the meeting. The Presidium shall then circulate all proposals to the members no later than two (2) weeks prior to the meeting. These proposals can be altered by the applicant at a General meeting before being voted upon
unless withdrawn by the applicant. If you already have some proposals ready then please deliver them to us latest by January 10, 2010 so we can publish them.

4. Title Events 2010
The current status of the Title Events 2019 is as follows:
Championships Men Lugano (Switzerland) candidate/application 29-31.10.2010
Championships Women TBA
Championships Junior TBA
European Cup Men TBA
European Cup Women TBA
European Cup Junior TBA
European Cup Youth (U16) SHC Buix (Switzerland) candidate/application 15-16.05.2010
European Cup Pee Wee U13)Krefeld (Germany) Sanctioned 2010-A1 03-04.07.2010

We still URGENTLY need as mentioned in the previous IISHF Communication 2009-13 and 2008-14 hosts for a number of Title events in 2010.
? Women and Junior European Championships.
? Men, Women and U19 European Cups.
All international events must have the prior sanctioning of the IISHF. According to 14.1 in IISHF Regulations host Teams/clubs must apply to the IISHF for sanctioning of an event not later than three (3) months before the event with the official IISHF Tournament Application Form including all necessary documentation. Application Form can be downloaded from the document section on www.iishf.com
At the moment only one Title event has been final scheduled for 2010.
? U13 (PeeWee) European Cup to take place July 3-4, 2010 in Krefeld, Germany.
We have received applications for the following events that still need to be sanctioned.
? U16 (Youth) European Cup to take place May 15-16, 2010 in Porrentruy, Switzerland. Host SHC Buix.
? Men European Championship to take place October 29-31, 2010 in Lugano, Switzerland. Host Sayaluca Lugano.
We might need to underline that until a tournament has been officially sanctioned any country can actually apply for any of the A-events for 2010.

5. Switzerland statement about the Women and Junior European Championship
Switzerland would like to underline that in both categories (Women and Junior) they will only participate in the European Championships if there are more than 4 countries participating and they also propose for both categories to organise the events every two years if not more than four
teams will participate.

6. IISHF Working Meeting
The IISHF Presidium and the IISHF Officials Team will have a Working Meeting in Kaarst, Germany the weekend of February 6-7, 2010 in order to plan the IISHF Title Events 2010.

7. IISHF Contact
If you want to send any requests/queries/correspondence to IISHF, please use the e-mail address office@iishf.com

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Piergiovanni Gionchetta
Erik Sommer
Ingo Goerke

 By Sommer Erik

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