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Women and Junior European Championships feedback, Wild card for Düsseldorf Rams for U16 European Cup, Title Events 2010, New Member of IISHF Disciplinary Committee, An individual player may only play for one team
Please find attached the IISHF Communication Letter 2009-14. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Feedback regarding Women and Junior European Championships
We have received feedback in regards to the questions in the IISHF Communication Roundletter 2009/13 regarding the Women and Junior European Championships.

Women European Championships.
Austria, Germany and Switzerland intend to participate. There is a preference for playing in September or October. Germany prefers the event to take place between September 13 and October 31. Austria prefers to play in September.

Denmark is reluctant to participate due to the financial costs of participating. Poland would like to participate but needs financial support from the Polish Ministry of Sport.

Switzerland suggests that the event only takes place every 2 years if not more than 4 teams will participate.

Great Britain has participated previously but don't have any Women National Team.

At the moment no country has applied to be the host for the Women European Championship. The IISHF Presidium recommends that the future for the Women European Championship will be discussed at the next AGM.

Junior European Championships.
Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland will participate. Netherland will participate however only if the event take place in a place where the cost of travelling is not to expensive. Israel will participate again but first from 2011.

Denmark, Poland and Russia will not participate.

Switzerland suggests that the event only takes place every 2 years if not more than 4 teams will participate (added to the text).

Netherland and Great Britain has shown some interest in hosting the event.

The IISHF Presidium recommends also here that the future for the Junior European Championship will be discussed at the next AGM.

2. Wild Card for Düsseldorf Rams for U16 European Cup 2010
IISHF Presidium has decided to give Düsseldorf Rams a Wild Card for the next U16 European Cup to take place in 2010 if the team don't qualify directly for the event. The decision has been made based on the feedback from the Member countries where 9 voted yes (6 countries) and 6 voted no (3 countries) in favour of Düsseldorf Rams.

3. Title Events 2010
We still need as mentioned in the IISHF Communication 2009-13 URGENTLY hosts for a number of Title events in 2010.
- Junior European Championships.
- Men, Women and U19 European Cups.

All international events must have the prior sanctioning of the IISHF. According to 14.1 in IISHF Regulations host Teams/clubs must apply to the IISHF for sanctioning of an event not later than three (3) months before the event with the official IISHF Tournament Application Form including all necessary documentation. Application Form can be downloaded from the document section on www.iishf.com

At the moment only one Title event has been final scheduled for 2010.
- U13 (PeeWee) European Cup to take place July 3-4, 2010 in Krefeld, Germany.

We have received applications for the following events that still need to be sanctioned.
- U16 (Youth) European Cup to take place May 14-16, 2010 in
Porrentruy, Switzerland. Host SHC Buix.
- Men European Championship to take place October 29-31, 2010 in Lugano, Switzerland. Host Sayaluca Lugano.

We have also been in contact with Austria, Great Britain and Netherland regarding hosting events in 2010.

We might need to underline that until a tournament has been officially sanctioned any country can actually apply for any of the A-events for 2010.

4. New Member of IISHF Disciplinary Committee
IISHF has nominated Stefano Laffranchini from Switzerland as new member of the IISHF Disciplinary Committee. Stefano replaces Gabriel Willemin of Switzerland. Welcome to Stefano.
The IISHF Disciplinary Committee consists now of the following members:
Erik Sommer, Denmark (Disciplinary Officer)
Ingo Goerke, Germany (Vice Disciplinary Officer)
Liz Jeffries, Great Britain
Stefano Laffranchini, Switzerland

5. National Champion and National Vice-Champion
According to IISHF Regulations 18.1 each National Member Association must inform the IISHF before the 1st of December each year of the Team names, contact person, full team list and contact address (e-mail) of the National Champion and National Vice Champion for each age group for that year. Please provide the information to Erik Sommer at sommer.erik@gmail.com with a copy to IISHF Office at office@iishf.com. Failure to provide the IISHF the requested information is according to IISHF Regulations 3.4.i the following: 100 Euro fine per week for each missing team.

6. An individual player may only play for one team
The IISHF Presidium would like to remind that according to the IISHF Regulations 17.6 an individual player may have a valid playing card (or membership card) only for a team of one IISHF National Member association. Please inform all your clubs and teams about this regulation that a player of a club of an IISHF country can not get an additional playing licence in another IISHF country.

7. AGM - Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the IISHF will as previously announced take place the weekend of February 20-21, 2010. The IISHF Presidium will shortly announce the place.

8. Working Group regarding possible one vote voting system
The current voting system (1, 2 or 3 votes) depending on the number of teams was discussed at the AGM 2009 in Florence, Italy. It was decided that a working group should be established with a representative from each Member Country in order to discuss this topic in order to make a input for a time table if and if yes how to implement a equal working system without losing financial payment from the member countries. The working group should then present a report at the next AGM 2010. Please report the name of your representative for the working group. Deadline for your reply is December 7, 2009 (3 weeks deadline).

9. New IISHF Presidium 2010
According to the IISHF Constitution 12.5 the Presidium members shall remain in office for two (2) years and re election of all Presidium members shall take place every alternate year. The last election of the IISHF Presidium took place in Valencia, February 2008. Piergiovanni Gionchetta was elected as President. Erik Sommer was elected as Vice President Ingo Goerke was elected as Finance Director.

Piergiovanni Gionchetta will end his period as IISHF President at the AGM 2010 and will not be willing to be reelected. Erik Sommer and Ingo Goerke are willing to continue for a new 2 year period in the IISHF Presidium. The IISHF Presidium propose Erik Sommer (Denmark) as President (new) and Ingo Goerke (Germany) as the Finance Director (as before). A position as IISHF Vice-President will then be open. According to the IISHF Constitution 12.3 the Presidium members must all reside in different countries. So in that case a new Presidium member must come from either Austria, Great Britain, Israel, Netherland, Poland, Russia or Switzerland.

The IISHF Presidium proposes Jean-Daniel Muller (Switzerland) as new IISHF Vice-President and J-D Muller would be willing to be elected.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Piergiovanni Gionchetta
Erik Sommer
Ingo Goerke

 By Sommer Erik

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