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Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Florence, Italy on February 28-March 1, 2009
1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Working Meeting (WM)
As already announced the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2009 and the Working Meeting (WM) 2009 shall be held in Florence (Italy) on February 28 and March 1. As attachment you will get the agenda for the AGM 2009 and for the WM 2009. We kindly ask each National Member Association (NMA) to present their organigram and explain how their Association is structured. This would be very useful for all Members which could learn how the other Associations are organized and works. The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. Please store the presentation on a USB-Stick so that it will be possible to show via our beamer. If you have any question about the format or technical matter, don?t hesitate to contact us via office@iishf.com.

2. Reports 2008
As attachment you will get the
IISHF Presidium Report 2008
IISHF Financial Report 2008 (only delivered to the NMA's).
IISHF Disciplinary Committee Report 2008

3. Proposals and Drafts 2009
As attachment you will get the proposals and drafts for following documents:
Constitution 2009
Regulations 2009
Rules Of The Game 2009
Budget 2009 (only delivered to the NMA's).

Please note that four colours have been used to mark the modifications for better understanding.
Green Colour  New Proposal by IISHF
Blue Colour  New Proposal by Countries
Red Colour  To be deleted
Yellow Colour  To be discussed

The attached draft of the Rules Of The Games which relates to the proposals latest presented at the Extraordinary General Meeting at Stegersbach, Austria in October 2008 and communicated in the
IISHF Communication Letter 2008-07 from November 2008 was worked out by the IISHF Referee Manager Claes Fréder with assistance of Stefan Gehrig. We extremely thank Claes and Stefan for their great work and for the results. The modification of the Playing Rules shall come into effect in 2009.

We are looking forward to a good meeting in Florence, Italy.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Piergiovanni Gionchetta
Erik Sommer
Ingo Goerke

 By Sommer Erik

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 IISHF Communication 2009-04 96 kb
 IISHF Constitution 2009 Draft 141 kb
 IISHF Disciplinary Report 2008 31 kb
 IISHF Regulations Draft 2009 224 kb
 IISHF Rules of the Game 2009 Draft 1700 kb
 Presidium Report 2008 28 kb

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