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 IISHF Communication Letter 01-2008 (AGM 2008 in Valencia) StumbleUpon Toolbar
Annual General Meeting takes place in Valencia, Spain on February 23-24, 2008.
1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Working Meeting (WM)
As already announced the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2008 and the Working Meeting (WM) 2008 shall be held in Valencia (Spain). As attachment you will get the agenda for the AGM and for the WM.

2. Reports 2007
As attachment you will get the
· IISHF Presidium Report 2007
· IISHF Financial Report 2007 (file has been sent only to NMA's).
· IISHF Disciplinary Committee Report 2007

3. Proposals and Drafts 2008
As attachment you will get the proposals and drafts for following documents:
· Constitution 2008
· Regulations 2008
· Rules Of The Game 2009
· Proposals from Countries
Please note that three colours have been used to mark the modifications for
better understanding.
Green Colour: New
Red Colour: To be deleted
Yellow Colour: To be discussed
Regarding the modifications of the Rules Of The Games the IISHF Presidium realized that during the last years inline-skaterhockey has become more and more physically and thus we came to the conclusion to revise the Playing Rules. The attached draft of the Rules Of The Games was worked out by the IISHF Referee Manager Claes Fréder with assistance of Stefan Gehrig. We extremely thank Claes and Stefan for their great work and for the results. The modification of the Playing Rules shall come into effect in 2009 that there is enough time to
teach all referees in special courses done by IISHF.

4. Events Calendar 2008
You will also find as attachment a complete Events Calendar with all international title events 2008 (until 2011). Furthermore you will get as attachment a final Team Participating List of title events 2008.

5. Title Events 2009-2011
For the European Cups and European Championships in 2009 (as well as 2010 and 2011) we have not yet received sufficient applications. Please publish this message to all the clubs in your country and ask them to host a title event and to give an application for this. The host always get a wild card (if it is a first division team). Particularly we ask those countries and the relevant NGB who did not host (several) title events in the last years to take over a hosting of any title event. As the hosting of title events is on the agenda of the AGM 2008 we would be glad if the NGBs could already give a feedback on the AGM in Valencia.

6. Appointment of IISHF General Secretary
The IISHF Presidium is proud to announce that with immediate effect Mrs. Elisabeth Keider (ekeider@iishf.com) from Austria has been appointed as IISHF General Secretary. Mrs. Keider will support the IISHF Presidium in all administration matters.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Piergiovanni Gionchetta (President)
Erik Sommer (Vice President)
Ingo Goerke (Finance Director)

 By Sommer Erik

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 Agenda Annual General Meeting 2008 13 kb
 Agenda Working Meeting 2008 12 kb
 Constitution Draft 116 kb
 Events Calendar 2008-2011 36 kb
 IISHF Communication 2008-01 33 kb
 IISHF Disciplinary Report 2007 26 kb
 IISHF Presidium Report 2007 14 kb
 IISHF_Communication_01-2008 33 kb
 Participation list for A-events 2008 75 kb
 Proposal from Switzerland and Germany 11 kb
 Regulations Draft 200 kb
 Rules Draft 4384 kb

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